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Nioro Pastics is making plastic bottles with recycled materials. Lease solar cells to this project and make their operation super clean!

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The Sun Exchange | South South North | 18 kW | Cape Town, South Africa

South South North wants to walk the talk by going solar through Sun Exchange. They enable real sustainable development across the southern...

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Sun Exchange Knysna elephant park solar project

Looking after the largest land mammals on Earth takes a lot of energy, so let's make it solar energy!

Since 1994, The Knysna Elephant Park...

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Sun Exchange CROW Solar Edge installation Durban

Founded 35 years ago, CROW (Centre for Rehabilitation of Wildlife) was one of South Africa’s first dedicated and is still KwaZulu-Natal’s...

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Kal Tire 45kW Solar Cell Crowd Sale

Kal Tire wanted to solar power their tyre recycling factory. They are now renting over 10000 solar cells purchase from members of the Sun Exchange...

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Waldorf school completed project

Among the strawberry farms and vineyards of Stellenbosch in South Africa is a very special school where teachers strive to transform education...

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