Spar Supermarket | 203.8 kW | Hoedspruit, South Africa

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The Spar Supermarket in Hoedspruit provides a vital service to it's community and to the international tourists passing through the town en-route to nearby Kruger National Park. Both humans and wildlife in the area are threatened by some of the worst air pollution in the world, carried into the region from neighbouring Mpumalanga, where most of South Africa's electricity is produced from coal-fueled power plants, jeopardising the stunning landscapes and diverse wildlife upon which so much of the countries economy relies.

In response, Spar Hoedspruit is going solar through the Sun Exchange to lower their energy bill, cut their emissions and demonstrate sustainability to their shoppers, staff and other retailers alike.

Purchase and lease solar cells to this project to earn income powered by the sun for the next 20 years. You may opt to donate any portion of your solar cell rental income to the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT). EWT work tirelessly to save wildlife and habitats, such as that of the pack of wild dogs that live but 4km from the Spar, whose population has grown 100% since 1998.

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05 Sep 2019

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