Spar Plaza | 360.80 kW | Mokopane, South Africa

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Mokopane, one of the sunniest agricultural regions in South Africa, is an ideal location for the fifth Spar Supermarket to go solar through the Sun Exchange.

The area is perfect for the production of wheat, cotton, tobacco and fruit and is home to Zebediela Citrus Estate, one of the largest citrus farms in the southern hemisphere. The town is located en route from Gauteng to Botswana, Zimbabwe and the Kruger National Park and acts as a stop-over for travellers in the summer seasons.

To take advantage of the abundant sunshine, Spar Plaza, Mokopane is going solar to cut their energy costs, offset their carbon emissions and demonstrate sustainable energy to their community.

Power the supermarket by purchasing and leasing solar cells and earn an income powered by the sun for the next two decades!

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per cell

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21 Jan 2021
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Start monetising sunshine!

Match: 48.00 ZAR
Match: 4.868 kWh
1st Year Income Rate per kWh (Gross)
6.33 ZAR
1st Year Income for Cells (Gross)*
156.06 ZAR
Total 20 Year Income for Cells (Net)*
* Estimate

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