Senior Burger Eiendomme Retirement Home | 60.59 kW | Viljoenskroon, South Africa

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The Senior Burger Eiendomme Retirement Home cares for many community members born and raised in the town of Viljoenskroon, elders of families who’ve lived there for generations. In their lives, they’ve seen the world completely transform. Economic progress has enabled considerably higher qualities of life and longer life expectancy. This combined with ever rising energy costs sourced from fossil fuel, places a financial burden to afford quality care for their loved ones.

Through Sun Exchange, you can purchase and lease solar cells to power Senior Burger Eiendomme Retirement Home, cutting their energy tariff by over 30%. The electricity your solar cells produce will be paid to you for the next 20 years, cutting your carbon footprint and enabling quality and affordable care for the elderly.

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12 Jun 2020

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