Rondebosch Boys' High School 2021 | 136.95 kW | Cape Town, South Africa

Generating Solar Power

After months of hard work, we are delighted for the relaunch of the Rondebosch Boys’ High School solar project.

“Altius et Latius” or “Higher and Wider” -- this is the motto for Rondebosch Boys’ High School and it speaks to what the school strives for. It includes elevating climate awareness for its learners and broadening efforts to operate in an environmentally and financially efficient manner.

Established in 1897, Rondebosch Boys’ High School is one of the oldest schools in Cape Town. Many notable names have walked its halls, from Nobel Prize winner, Allan McLeod Cormack, to cricketer, Gary Kirsten. This is the 12th Western Cape government school to go solar with the Sun Exchange.

By buying solar cells to power this school, you’ll promote a message of “better energy” to thousands of learners.

Are you connected to the sun?

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94,987.184 kWh

Energy generated

Forecast: 87,625.910 kWh

97,836.80 kg CO2

Carbon reduced

6 months

Generating power


Solar cells connected


Members generating

How much monetised sunshine could you have earned?

Match: 47.00 ZAR
Match: 4.083 kWh
1st Year Income Rate per kWh (Gross)
4.98 ZAR
1st Year Income for Cells (Gross)*
146.43 ZAR
Total 20 Year Income for Cells (Net)*
* Estimate
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