Plumstead High School | 55.08 kW | Cape Town, South Africa

Installing Solar Cells

About this project

Founded in 1958, Plumstead High School was the first school in the Western Cape to become multi-racial towards the end of apartheid in South Africa and has been officially recognised and awarded for its early racial transformation.

Based in the Metro South Education District, the school continues to serve over 1,000 learners from very diverse socio-economic backgrounds with a wide range of academic abilities.

Impact and benefits

By purchasing solar cells in this project you will be lowering the school’s energy costs and reducing the school’s reliance on the national grid, all while promoting the important message of cleaner energy to thousands of learners.


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29 May 2022
Crowdsale end date

Estimate earnings and impact

Match: 73.00 ZAR
Match: 5.790 kWh
1st year income rate per kWh (Gross)
6.95 ZAR
1st year income for cells (Gross)*
187.21 ZAR
Total 20 year income for cells (Net)*
* Estimate
IMPower Pty Ltd
Plumstead High School
African Parks Network