Laerskool Mikro | 38.7 kW | Kuils River, South Africa

Installing Solar Cells

Established in 1972, Laerskool Mikro is a predominantly Afrikaans school situated in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa.

Named after South African author and poet, Christoffle Hermanus Kühn, who used the pen name Mikro, the school offers an impressive range of subjects, sports, and extra-curricular activities for its students. It is one of three Western Cape primary schools that offers isiXhosa as a third language.

From their plans to introduce coding as a subject to the perfectly manicured terrain planted for its grade R class – this is a school that takes pride in the quality of education offered, its students, and history. It offers a safe space for its learners to explore their interests and embrace their diverse backgrounds.

As with many schools across the world, the global pandemic has prompted Laerskool Mikro to find ways to run more efficiently. This includes going solar in order to reduce its energy costs.

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