CPOA Pinelands Place Retirement Village | 150.80 kW | Cape Town, South Africa

Generating Solar Power

About this project

The residents of Pinelands Place Retirement Village require access to lower cost and cleaner solar power as they’re vulnerable to fossil fuel based energy price hikes and the impacts of climate change.

Founded in 1953 by a group of volunteers, the Cape Peninsula Organisation for the Aged (CPOA) is a non-profit organisation become “The Retirement Specialist” of Cape Town.

Today CPOA operates 25 properties, and covers the entire spectrum of services for retirees, catering to independent living needs and later full frail care.

Impact and benefits

Pinelands Place Retirement Village is the first of a series of projects with Sun Exchange, allowing anyone around the globe to turn sunlight into money whilst lowering energy costs to caring for the elderly. Surrounded by beautiful gardens and shady trees in the suburb of Pinelands, the development consists of 124 apartments offering residents both a long term rental and Life Right option, as well as a 33 room on-site CPOA Care Centre.

Are you connected to the sun?

Easily buy solar cells, make a positive impact and earn income generating clean energy

580,191.19 kWh

Energy generated

Forecast: 583,115.52 kWh

597,596.93 kg CO2

Carbon reduced

3 years

Generating power


Solar cells connected


Members generating

Estimate earnings and impact

Match: 79.00 ZAR
Match: 6.980 kWh
1st year income rate per kWh (Gross)
8.96 ZAR
1st year income for cells (Gross)*
244.24 ZAR
Total 20 year income for cells (Net)*
* Estimate