Bo Karoo Farm | 108 kW | Karoo, South Africa

Installing Solar Cells

The Karoo is a semi-desert region in South Africa known for its unique topography, geology and low rainfall. Its dry and sunny climate make it an excellent location for our latest solar project.

The Karoo is also known for its extensive wildlife and national parks and is also home to our latest project, Bo Karoo farm. This 3,855-hectare farm was established in 1987 and developed into an irrigation farm. The Orange River flows through the farm, providing fresh water for the crops and for drinking. The farm produces pecans, onion seeds and alfalfa that are exported to China and Dubai and maize and wheat for local South African markets.

The farm currently has one electricity supply point that is distributed to four different buildings on the plot. While this made sense in the early stages, the rise in demand for their produce has prompted its owners to seek alternative, sustainable methods to power the farm.

With so much land, going solar simply makes sense. This new solar plant will improve crop production, reduce its power bill and contribute to the global transition to clean energy – critical to the long-term protection of the region from climate change and drought.

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