Monetizing Sunshine
We've just made it ridiculously easy and affordable to become a solar power generator! We identify perfect roof spaces basking in sunshine for you to get solar cells installed upon at the click of a button. Here's how we do it.

When you see a solar project with this status it means we're under-taking a thorough due diligence process to determine it's technical, social and financial viability. We won't host it until we're satisfied it passes our strict standards.
The crowd-sale is open! Now you can buy the solar cells that will go on to power the business or community of your choice. You can pay by local or international bank transfer, or, if you live in another country we suggest you pay using bitcoin. Bitcoin is 'money for the internet' and it is super fast, easy and secure. Contact us if you need any help!
Once all the solar cells have been purchased, the appointed solar installation company gets the go ahead and they begin preparations such as ordering the solar equipment from the suppliers. This can take a number of weeks or a couple of months depending on the complexity of the project.
Your solar cells are operating and the Sun Exchange collects and pays you your monthly lease rental payments into a convenient wallet. Earnings are calculated on the amount of electricity your solar cells have produced, and you can choose to earn in the projects national currency or in universally tradeable bitcoin.
More about The Sun Exchange & Projects on YouTube
Since 2015, The Sun Exchange has been busy powering up communities, schools and businesses in the sunniest places on earth. Enjoy our dedicated YouTube Channel to find out more about the How's and Why's around The Sun Exchange and what we do for you and our valued Solar Projects.
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