Why we use bitcoin.

Published: 23 May 2018

People often ask us why we use bitcoin when it is still an early technology, it uses a lot of energy and the price is volatile. Here's why:

1) We use crypto-currency because it is transnational, easy to use and secure. As a global business it is the easiest and most flexible way to transact with the whole planet. We couldn't do what we do without it. All crypto-currencies convert to bitcoin, the base crypto-currency with the most liquidity. We help and encourage our users to start using bitcoin because it is an amazingly liberating technology.

2) Bitcoin isn't actually a currency, it is a payment system. Volatility doesn't matter if you sell your bitcoin rental income into your local tender as soon as you earn it, it's a way of quickly transferring value from A to B.

3) Like all new technologies, it improves over time. Yes the energy demand is high but it's getting more efficient as more transactions per second get handled by the network. The alternative 'old' financial system requires fractional reserves of gold, air-conditioned tower blocks, jet planes and legions of fossil fuel powered vehicles to shuttle around it's human operators. Bitcoin is far more elegant than this and will only improve with time. And if we don't use it, all that energy is being used for nothing. The value of a bitcoin when spent on solar cells through Sun Exchange creates over 24 years of positive energy balance. Miners and users of bitcoin and other crypto-currencies can convert their theoretical wealth into real tangible solar assets that massively offset their energy consumption.

Combining solar and crypto-currency, we're building a silicon based, clean and passive economy of abundance.