Sun Exchange ICO Tokenomics Update

Published: 14 Nov 2018


*Our token sale website will be updated within the next few weeks to reflect these changes, but for now, we’d like to share this news with you.

The SUNEX token gives maximum value to our Sun Exchange members when they’re using our platform. Members holding SUNEX receive a host of benefits including discounted cell prices, increased yield per cell and priority access to projects.

Despite challenges in the cryptocurrency market this year, we have to date sold 2.7 million tokens, out of our 2018 goal of 5.4 million. We’ve recently taken a step back to review our tokenomics and to assess it’s benefit to our members and token holders.

After analysis, we’ve concluded that the tokenomic model as detailed in the previous issue of the White Paper did not give our members enough achievable benefits. In order to meet this goal we’ve now radically redesigned the tokenomics. In the latest revision of the White Paper we have:

  • Simplified the number of membership tiers.
  • Increased the bonuses and discounts available on each tier.
  • Lowered the amount of SUNEX needed to reach those tiers.
  • Lowered the price per token in the ICO to USD 0.10, whilst keeping the 1 SUNEX token per USD 10 in the rewards program. This increases the potential benefit of participating in the ICO by an order of magnitude.
  • All token holders who purchased tokens at USD 1 per token, will receive an additional 9 tokens for each token purchase.
  • Unsold tokens will no longer be burned, but will be reserved for exclusive distribution through the gamified rewards program.

Membership Tier Table

The following table shows how much SUNEX members need to meet each SUNEX membership tier, and the bonuses available to each tier:

SUNEX Utilisation Benefit (USD)

The following table* illustrates how buying tokens in the ICO can translate to enhanced utility and benefit of the Sun Exchange platform.

For example, if you purchase USD 5000 worth of tokens (equivalent to 50 000 SUNEX) you’ll reach Hyper Giant status. When a Hyper Giant status member reaches or exceeds $25 000 spend on solar cells they will earn an estimated total of $107 100 over the 20 year lease period. In addition the SUNEX do not get exhausted as discounts and bonuses are received. So, assuming a USD 1 token value, ICO participation would equate to USD 9.52 earned for every USD 1 spent.

*This table is based on examples of the financial benefit of utilizing SUNEX on Sun Exchange with the following assumptions:

  • Solar cells held for the full lease period of 20 years earning 12% IRR.

  • No SPRF staking. Staking SUNEX into SPRF will result in compounded SUNEX balance.

  • Market value of $1 per SUNEX.

Sun Exchange Solar Project Relocation:

What was previously known as the Solar Project Insurance Fund has been renamed the Solar Project Relocation Facility to make it clear what this product is intended to do:
In order to protect our community from consumer lease default we have created the Sun Exchange Solar Project Relocation Facility. This facility has been created to cover the costs of physically moving a solar plant to a new location in the event that a project off-taker defaults on their monthly payments.

Sun Exchange members that stake their SUNEX tokens within this fund will receive a 20% return, provided there are no defaults and subsequent draw downs on the facility. Consult the White Paper for more information on how this works.

Closing Summary:

  • It’s now easier to achieve high level member status with the associated benefits
  • Members that have already bought tokens will receive 9 additional tokens for each token already purchased, during the 31 January 2019 token distribution,.
  • We’ve hit the 2.7 million tokens allocated mark.
  • Our aim is to reach 5.4 million tokens purchased by the end of the year.