SUNEX Network Token - Announcement

Published: 30 Mar 2018

For many people, the advent of bitcoin promised a fundamental shift to the world economy as it enabled direct and decentralized access to financial services. This would have a particular impact for emerging markets, such as most regions of Africa. However, transformation of the financial system is only half of the solution. Whilst the world still relies on centralized suppliers of fossil fuels for accessing energy, the world is still stuck in the 20th Century. Introducing Sun Exchange - monetizing sunshine.

In 2014 Sun Exchange embarked on a mission to enable anyone in the world to own part of a network of decentralized solar power plants with bitcoin as the payments system. Sun Exchange solar power plants are now already providing clean and affordable energy to businesses and communities in South Africa. Decentralized energy with decentralized ownership using decentralized currency. This is possibly one of the biggest socio-technological breakthroughs of the century.

Sun Exchange is now launching the SUNEX Network to give members of the platform an interactive and gamified experience whilst solar powering the world. SUNEX can be staked into the world's first solar project insurance fund and gives enhances use of the Sun Exchange platform.

Some facts about Sun Exchange:

- First platform in the world to enable crypto-investments into distributed solar energy systems. - Operating now - you can use it today. - Voted Best Bitcoin Business in Africa 2016 & 2017. - Winner of the Global Blockchain Challenge. - Partnerships with the worlds leading technology accelerators. - Existing impact VC backing. - Passionate and committed team of solar, finance and blockchain experts. - Has an active and devoted membership located in 70 countries, all now earning monetized African sunshine, paid in bitcoin.

The public-sale of SUNEX starts on the 22nd of April- Earth Day. Sun Exchange is inviting selected investors to pre-purchase SUNEX tokens in a private pre-sale. Buyers will receive a 40% bonus of tokens with a minimum purchase volume of 1 BTC.

We are looking forward to hearing from you. You can even now join our telegram channel and talk with the rest of the Sun Exchange community through We really hope you enjoy reading our whitepaper which you can download through and choose to be part of this truly unique token sale event that will accelerate the world's transition to a solar powered decentralized economy of abundance.

Best regards,
Abe Cambridge