Sun Exchange and Invictus Capital Partnership Will Speed Up Crowdsale Completions

Published: 11 Dec 2019

We are excited to announce that Sun Exchange has entered into a partnership with Invictus Capital, a global alternative investment platform that is supported by over 15,000 investors.

The agreement with Invictus Capital’s Emerging Markets Solar Fund (EMS), will see the company purchasing up to ±30% of remaining solar cells during the final phase of Sun Exchange’s solar cell crowdsales. This will allow Sun Exchange to speed up crowdsale completions, so that members can start earning from solar more quickly. Critically, it will also help speed up our work to connect emerging economies in Africa to the sun!

Invictus has already made their first purchase of nearly 16% of all the cells in the recent Hoërskool Bellville project crowdsale, to the value of nearly ZAR 200,000 (~USD 13,000). As a result of this purchase, the crowdsale completed instantly, and the installation of the system will now take place in the second week of January 2020. (Installations usually happen very soon after the close of crowdsales but in this case, the school is involving the students, who are currently on their December break until early January.)

Here’s what Daniel Schwartzkopff, CEO and Co-founder of Invictus Capital had to say about the partnership: “We are very pleased to team up with Sun Exchange to launch our Emerging Markets Solar Fund. With such similar visions of a world transformed through clean and affordable energy, it makes sense for us to join forces in order to allow investors the opportunity to contribute to the renewable energy revolution. Not only that - with emerging markets accounting for 63% of new investments in wind and solar, it makes financial sense to become a clean energy investor.”

Abe Cambridge, Sun Exchange CEO & Founder, noted: “This partnership demonstrates Invictus Capital’s confidence in the Sun Exchange vision, mission and our business model, and that our platform offers a proven, reliable, lucrative and socially responsible source of income for anyone.”

“With our imminent expansion into other parts of Sub-Saharan Africa and other emerging markets, partnerships like this one will be critical to ensure that we can keep up with the huge demand for clean and affordable energy from schools, clinics, retirement homes and businesses.”