Sun Exchange and Sacred Heart College Set a New Standard for Sustainable Schooling

Published: 28 Sep 2018

Hello Sun Exchangers! We are very pleased to announce our next solar project! Our collaboration with this historic institution, renowned for social justice leadership, sets a new precedent for leveraging innovation to create increasingly socially and environmentally-responsible, future-minded schools in South Africa.

We present to you Sacred Heart College located in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The project presents a unique opportunity for individuals in South Africa and across the globe to earn a revenue stream of monetized sunshine while providing clean, affordable energy for a school that has led in providing inclusive, progressive, quality education for all throughout its 129-year history. Through our platform, practically anyone can purchase solar cells which will then be leased to Sacred Heart College, installed on its roof, and will provide the school with low-cost, clean energy for a period 20 years.

Additionally, we have named Field of Flowers as the designated charity for the project. Field of Flowers is a fundraising initiative for bursaries for deserving learners to gain an exceptional education at Sacred Heart. Individuals who buy into the Sacred Heart solar project can choose to donate a proportion of their Sun Exchange revenue to Field of Flowers.

"The Sacred Heart College solar project is the perfect project for Sun Exchange and our users," said Abraham Cambridge, Founder and CEO of Sun Exchange. "Sacred Heart not only embodies important Sun Exchange values of promoting equality and sustainability, but it is also optimally situated and receives sunshine for most of the year, guaranteeing revenue for anyone who buys into the solar project,"

"Innovation is at the core of Sacred Heart's approach to education. We are thrilled about the prospect of reducing energy costs and carbon emissions by deploying solar," said Colin Northmore, Head of Sacred Heart College. "However, what really excites me about the Sun Exchange partnership is the educational opportunity it provides for our students. When students turn on their tablets, they will know that the Wi-Fi they are connected with is being powered by the sun, and that's a powerful way to learn about renewable energy and sustainability."

To participate in this amazing project visit the Sacred Heart College project page.