Solar Tree - A Functional Art Installation

Published: 23 Nov 2015

As part of our ongoing Indiegogo Campaign, we are going to build a fully upcycled fully functioning solar tree to commemorate the start of community-owned solar in South Africa. Our Indiegogo pledgers are to have their names emblazened on the leaves for passers by to see for evermore!

TREE stands for Tree Generating Renewable Energy and Electricity. It is a tree like structure and the solar panels are shaped like leaves of the tree. Jinko Solar has kindly donated 300 solar cells for us to build into our tree, which will be made from recycled corrugated metal sheeting.

There are many styles and designs of solar tree’s around the world. One of our favorites was put up by our friends at Demand Energy Equality who had made a superb film about how these projects bring the community together and educate. You can view that film here


Our design is intended to symbolise a Baobab Tree with a hollow interior so to offer a chill out space and a place of shade. The solar cells will be linked up into a charging station to charge mobile devices.