Our Birthday Wishes for Future Generations

Published: 29 Jun 2022

Every day, the people who make up Sun Exchange come together from across all walks of life, working tirelessly to continuously build, grow and improve Sun Exchange. From platform development to sales, to solar engineering, to marketing, to operations and more, this team is driven by love for our mission and the work we do. It’s all in pursuit of our shared vision for a world where all people and organisations can harness affordable clean energy to ensure a healthy climate for future generations.

This is the team that makes the magic happen. So, what better way to celebrate our birthday month and all we’ve accomplished together in the last seven years, than to introduce you to the humans behind Sun Exchange and give you a glimpse into what motivates them.

Throughout the month, we’ve shared our team’s birthday wishes for future generations. They include healing the planet, ending coal power, enabling clean energy for all, closing the digital divide and for some, simply joy, creativity, hope, kindness and authenticity.

These wishes are what have inspired us over the last seven years to grow a global community, which today includes nearly 40,000 people spanning 180 countries globally, who have now solar powered 60 organisations and avoided more than 12,000 metric tonnes of CO2 from going into the atmosphere. That’s equivalent to eliminating more than 6,000 tonnes of burning coal. A welcome and much-needed break for our climate and planet.

Thank you for being part of this 7-year journey to connect the world to the sun, one solar cell at a time. Just imagine what the next 7 years will bring!