Member Survey Results 2019

Published: 30 Jan 2020

Our 2019 member survey results have now been analyzed! Sun Exchange is a platform led by feedback from our community, so we’re very grateful for the feedback that was submitted. Here are the results from the 500+ responses that will now guide our efforts into 2020...

Which geographies do you want us to solar power?

It seems there is no place on and even outside of Earth that our community doesn’t want to solar power! Our expansion plans for 2020 will see Sun Exchange pursuing solar projects in Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe, allowing you to diversify your solar cell portfolios and broaden your impact across Southern Africa.

What do you find most appealing about Sun Exchange?

This is the third Sun Exchange member survey and it remains clear that the love for Sun Exchange is because you can achieve the ‘triple bottom line’ of social, financial and economic benefits through using the platform.

Which of the following solar project profiles most appeal to you?

This year we will continue to put forward a range of projects with high earnings and commercial focus, as well as lower earnings and high social impact projects.

How would you rate our customer service?

Generally it seems our Community Management team led by the unflappable Barrett Jakeman has been doing a pretty sterling job! For the few members that didn’t have a great time, we will be reaching out to you individually to make sure any issues are resolved.

What do you think of our SUNEX Diaries video updates?

Sun Exchange operations straddle many projects and activities within a fascinating industry sector. The best way for you to be kept in the loop with progress behind the scenes is to subscribe to our YouTube channel and catch our SUNEX Diaries series. Thank you to everyone who submitted ideas for future episodes! We will endeavour to expand the content to cover expert interviews, deep dives on technical aspects of solar power and project modelling.

What do you think of our crowdsale videos?

We put a lot of effort into creating informative and interesting videos so that you feel connected to our projects and the people behind them. We will continue to do this, as well as expand with more follow up videos and provide more detail of the key financial and technical aspects of each project.

Which statements best reflect your solar cell buying habits?

With Sun Exchange projects in high demand and an ever growing community looking to buy, those of you standing by their devices for project launches are more likely to be securing your cells in 2020. Of course, those of you who have acquired SUNEX tokens in our ICO, you will have priority access to projects and get to buy before anyone else. The SUNEX rewards programme will be going live with our ‘Project Ultima’ upgrade that is still in the works.

When buying cells, what did you think about the info provided?

Great to see that we are providing the correct level information on our projects for most of the community. For those that feel we don’t provide enough, you can always pop us a question by email, social media or on our Telegram channel.

How are your cells performing against your expectations?

It is very clear that the Sun Exchange dashboard presently lacks details that would be useful for cell owners to gauge how energy generation performance is meeting expectations. We are working on a big upgrade to provide this data and will be going live in Q1 of 2020.

What dashboard feature do you want the most?

The most in demand feature is information on actual energy production and earnings calculator tools. We understand that without this you are more or less ‘flying blind’ other than the monthly generation reports. In 2020 we are working on massive improvements to the Sun Exchange Dashboard. Coming soon you are going to be seeing three major additions to your Sun Exchange experience; an earnings calculator to help you predict how much money you are earning from your solar cells, a currency conversion tool so you can compare your Bitcoin earnings to USD or EUR and finally we are going to be giving you much more data into the energy your solar cells are actually producing.

What is your experience of using Bitcoin?

We provide a Bitcoin wallet to Sun Exchange members as part of their dashboard making it practically effortless to get started, however we understand that as a new technology it deterred some members from using Sun Exchange. As a company we still firmly believe that Bitcoin is the best technology and solution for enabling highly secure, international micro-payments at the lowest cost. Anyone who is struggling to use it can contact us and we will help you get started. We also wrote a blog on the topic. We are looking into adding a third-party payment method as well as a currency converter onto our dashboard.

Why haven’t you bought cells yet?

The most common reason why someone has not bought their first solar cell is simply because they have not got around to it yet! It literally takes a few minutes. Start off 2020 as you mean to go on and do it now! Some members have not done so because the cost is too high. To those people, a reminder that you can start with a single solar cell which costs around USD 5. With solar powered earnings for 20 years with an IRR of >11%, can you afford not to?!

How did you first hear about Sun Exchange?

Our marketing and social media team have clearly been doing their jobs well as most Sun Exchange members discovered us through our social media channels and online articles. Word of mouth is also a really important way to grow our community, so please do continue to spread the word about Sun Exchange. As part of “Project Ultima”, we will be launching a referral programme in 2020 to reward people for introducing new members to our community.

And finally, here are some of our favorite comments that members left us on the survey:

"Great survey. You guys are AWESOME." - thanks for the love!

"I believe that we can only get somewhere with the green energy revolution by owning a piece of it. It is with social ownership that the communication can be effective. You guys at the Sunexchange are doing a really good job and I am wishing you all the best! Please move on to more sunny areas soon (I am Malaysian so if you are thinking of starting projects there and need any help please ask! I will do my best to help!)" - Thank you! We hope to bring Sun Exchange to your country in the coming years!

So there you have it! Thank you again for your feedback, and remember to reach out anytime if you have a question or suggestion.