Meet the Team: Stevehne Dzon, Solar Engineer

Published: 10 Dec 2019

This is part of a series that we’re running to bring you closer to the people who make up Sun Exchange. Sun Exchange has a highly skilled and multi-diciplinary team behind the scenes. Over the next few months we’ll be releasing video features on our key team members, giving you an insight into the rays of light that power the Sun Exchange’s operations.

Steve heads up our solar plant monitoring and energy production analysis. Because each project is unique, Steve plays an integral role in ensuring that projects are viable and maintain the forecasted electricity production. He is from the Republic of the Congo and is fluent in French, English and plays the guitar!

“I was drawn by the idea of helping people around the world own solar cells, and when I joined the company I realized it was much bigger than that -- that there was also a great team behind the scenes.” - Stevehne Dzon

To hear more from Steve watch the video below:

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