Meet the team: Saul Wainwright, Chief Financial Officer

Published: 18 Mar 2020

This is part of a series that we’re running to bring you closer to the people who make up Sun Exchange. A passionate and motivated team work behind the scenes to allow you to monetise sunshine.

For the past 20 years, Saul has worked in Silicon Valley with a number of start-ups. He’s passionate about the history of money, the evolution of financial systems, and their relationship to political economy. Saul has extensive experience helping young companies build out their financial and legal structures while helping to advise founders on strategy and fundraising. He holds degrees from the University of Cape Town and the University of California at Berkeley. "Sun Exchange represents one of the first real-world examples of a company that is actually changing the paradigm of capital ownership. It’s one of the most exciting parts of what we do.” - Saul Wainwright.

To hear more from Saul watch the video below:

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