Meet the Team: Lourens Coetzer, Chief Technology Officer

Published: 22 Apr 2020

Lourens is the mastermind behind the software that powers Sun Exchange . As CTO, Lourens leads technical decision-making and oversees the overall architecture and internal robustness of the software. He has more than 20 years of diverse experience in software architecture and development and has significant expertise in blockchain.

“Lisa and I have a lot of experience creating software and we were very privileged to meet a team of developers who have the same passion for creating great software. Because of that, the platform we’ve created [for Sun Exchange] is rock solid.”

This is part of a series that we’re running to bring you closer to the people who make up Sun Exchange. A passionate and motivated team work behind the scenes to allow you to monetise sunshine. To see what we’re currently up to, check out our solar projects.

To hear more from Lourens watch the video below: