Watch our Future Generations film

Published: 03 Feb 2022

We're delighted to introduce you to our Future Generations campaign with an inspiring film produced by BBC StoryWorks. The film is part of the World Energy Council's Humanising Energy series, showcasing small businesses, people and communities who are changing the way we share and distribute energy.

The film explores how Sun Exchange technology unites people across oceans and borders to unlock solar power in sunny emerging markets, in pursuit of our vision and purpose: A world where all people and organisations can harness affordable clean energy to ensure a healthy climate for future generations.

The Future Generations film showcases the impact of the Sun Exchange solution through the story of four Sun Exchange community members who took part in solar powering a STEM-focused school in South Africa, Protea Heights Academy (PHA).

In Cape Town, we are introduced to District Director, Wendy Horn. She founded PHA with a definitive focus on innovation and future-forward learning and was the original champion of the school’s transition to solar power.

Sitabile Mngati is a distinguished PHA student who endorses her school’s transition to clean energy and discusses the benefits it has had on the school and the environment.

In the UK, 9,880 km (6,139 miles) away, Malcom James and his teenage daughter, Florence James, advocate for the global transition to clean energy and, via the Sun Exchange platform, own and earn from solar cells powering PHA and other solar projects.

The Future Generations film depicts how climate-conscious people and organisations, including young people like Sitabile and Florence, benefit from the Sun Exchange solution through the opportunity to earn solar-powered income, access affordable clean energy, model climate leadership, and most importantly, create a more sustainable future. Future Generations are the driving force for Sun Exchange and our global community.

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