5 Reasons to Buy Solar Cells in the Boland Wine Cellar Crowdsale Project

Published: 13 Jul 2020

Buy cells in the solar crowdsale for the award-winning Boland Wine Cellar. Here are 5 reasons to get involved now!

  1. Get clean energy income for 20 years.

    Receive monthly payments from the electricity your solar cells produce. Your earnings are estimated to be worth an Internal Rate of Return of 12.48%.

  2. Reduce electricity costs for a business in an emerging market.

    The electricity Boland Wine Cellar purchase from you will be at a lower cost than they would otherwise buy from the national grid. Their savings will help them grow their business, keep the cost of wine affordable and safeguard jobs.

  3. Reduce your carbon footprint and take climate action.

    Each solar cell cuts CO2 emissions by around 7.4 kilograms a year - the equivalent of planting 4 trees over the lease period, slowing down climate change.

  4. Power the world with decentralised solar energy.

    Speed up transformation to a new world economy where clean energy is produced, sold and used by billions of individuals around the world peer-to-peer, cutting out the middleman.

  5. Grow the solar economy and create ‘green collar’ jobs.

    The solar industry is creating green jobs across many sectors including manufacturing, transportation, installation and maintenance, growing a sustainable local and global economy.

The Boland Wine Cellar crowdsale is over 70% sold out. Don’t miss out, buy solar cells now! Watch the video below for more information: